Interventional radiology includes diagnosis and treatment methods performed by entering the body through a small puncture without creating a surgical incision. Local anaesthesia is applied to the entering area of the body during the procedure. Drugs are given through the vein to relieve the patient. Thus, patients can be treated in a comfortable way without feeling any pain. Procedures are carried out meticulously using high-tech devices. It is painless, and its risks are very low. Therefore, the duration of the patient's stay in the hospital is short, and patients are discharged on the day of treatment or usually one day later.

Laser Treatment for Varicose

Today, lasers are a revolutionary technology in the treatment of many diseases. Varicose treatment is one of them. The laser was already used in the treatment of capillary varices on the skin surface, but in the last 10 years, the treatment of very large and fluffy varicose veins is now done with the laser. In the case of large varicose veins, the use of lasers is carried out by shrinking the vessel, which has been enlarged by sending laser fibre into the vein, through the effect of heat from inside. This is an easy method. Our patients are treated within 20–30 minutes and can get up and walk away from the hospital immediately after the treatment, where they can continue their normal work or get on a plane and return to their home city.

Who is treated with varicose vein laser ablation?
Lasers are used in all kinds of varicose diseases. Endo venous laser ablation therapy, especially intravenous laser application, is applied to large and bulky vessels. If there is a deep vein, which is the source of capillary varicose veins, it can also be applied to them.

How is laser ablation treatment done?
First of all, laser ablation therapy is an easy operation that can be performed without a local operating theatre and without local anaesthesia.
Your leg nerve is numbed for 30 minutes by local anaesthesia (femoral nerve blockage), so you do not feel any pain. Later, damaged and enlarged main veins are entered one by one, the laser shrinks with a heat effect, and the laser fibre is removed from inside the vein. When the great veins get smaller, the varicose veins that are associated with them shrink sharply. Sclerotherapy (foam therapy) is performed as a complementary treatment within the non-shrinked veins.
With this treatment, the final touches are done and a beautiful aesthetic treatment is provided.

I have varicose veins; what do I have to do? Can I be treated with the laser?
All varicose veins can now be treated without surgery. No matter how advanced it is. Even though the leg colour is thickened, it can be an open surgery, but the best option is non-surgical treatment. Do not think that, if your varicose veins are advanced, there is no way other than surgery. Targeted laser ablation therapy is available, and its results are much better than varicose vein operations in terms of recurrence and side effect ratios.


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