The nutrition and dietetics department is a specialized area of healthcare that focuses on the role of nutrition in promoting health, preventing and managing diseases, and optimizing the overall well-being of individuals. The department typically comprises registered dietitians or nutritionists, who are trained experts in nutrition and dietary management.

 Istanbul Oncology Hospital Department of Nutrition and Diet provides individual nutrition programmes with adequate amounts of nutritional items that are necessary for your body to improve and maintain your health and improve your quality of life.

On the first visit, the nutrition histories of the individuals are recorded, then the amount of fat, muscle, and water in the body is calculated with the body analyzer, and a special nutrition programme is designed according to the obtained data and blood findings.


Cancer and Nutrition

Cancer is a disease that results in the uncontrolled proliferation of cells in the body. The most important factors that trigger cancer are an unhealthy diet, excessive fat consumption, excessive weight, and immobility. For this reason, protecting your ideal weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity will reduce your risk of cancer by 30%. As well as being protected from cancer, nutrition in the cancer process is also very important in terms of positive treatment. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy may cause adverse effects such as loss of appetite, diarrhoea, vomiting, and weight loss. Your customised nutrition plan will help you get through this process healthier and easier.

Nutrition in Pregnancy and the Emotional Period

Scientific studies have shown that adequate and balanced feeding of mothers during pregnancy and lactation is necessary to maintain their health for a long time and to ensure a healthy birth and development of the baby. For this reason, the adequate and balanced nutrition of the mother during pregnancy is very important in terms of the physical and mental growth and development of the baby in the mother's womb.

Breastfeeding is the best nutrition method for a baby's healthy growth and development. The increase in quality of the mother's milk and the adequate nutrition of the baby require more energy and nutrients for breastfeeding than they do during pregnancy. It is necessary to have a healthy nutrition programme so that weight control can be achieved during the mother's breastfeeding period. During this period, nutrition and diet specialists plan your diet in the healthiest way possible.


Diabetes Nutrition

The most important step in controlling diabetes is diet. Nutritional education for diabetics is very important in order to increase the quality of life and prevent the complications of the disease, which can sometimes lead to organ failures.

Nutrition in Kidney Diseases

In kidney diseases, too, it is very important to follow your customised diet list. Diet plans should be planned and followed frequently by the dietitian to keep track of kidney function rates according to the amount of protein consumed or needed.


Nutrition in Heart Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Many studies have shown that deaths due to cardiovascular disease can be reduced by positive changes in nutrition habits. Cardiovascular disease is a health problem that can be controlled through changes in diet and lifestyle, medical treatment, and nutritional therapy, and can be prevented through healthy eating and lifestyle changes.


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