All About B12 Vitamin Deficiency

Friday, January 5, 2018 | Nutrition
All About B12 Vitamin Deficiency
The deficiency of B12 vitamins appears in the human body with a number of malfunctions. Because vitamin B12 is one of the indispensable for the body. It regulates most of the metabolic events that occur in the body to provide a healthy life quality for the body. The biggest reason for the emergence of symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency is the absence of any other factors that play a regulatory role. Vitamin B12 is found in meats. A reason for the appearance of indications of vitamin B12 deficiency is nutrion. 
For example, in those who do not consume meat and only adopt a vegetarian diet Inadequate intake of vitamin B12 is seen. The B12 vitamin deficiency indication does not occur only in vegetarian dieters, excessive alcohol consumption, and the prolonged use of certain medications can lead to a lack of B12 because they cause insufficient absorption of vitamin B12.
In addition, vitamin B12 deficiency may arise in people who have little stomach acidity because they can not absorb as much vitamin B12 as they need. In addition, excessive consumption of alcohol, gastric ulcer, gastritis, celiac disease, intestinal bacteria and parasites, protein-deficient diet may cause lack of vitamin B12.
What is the indication of vitamin B12 deficiency?
• Disturbance of the walking of the person
• Feeling of chronic fatigue and numbness in hands, feet
• Dizziness
• Memory loss, forgetfulness
• Visually impaired function
• Tinnitus,
• Difficulty in breathing
The above are some of the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. If long-term vitamin B12 deficiency results in serious damage, if no treatment for vitamin deficiency is performed. All of the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency occur due to malnutrition.  Then to consume foods that are rich in vitamin B12 must be taken. Thus, the emergence of symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency is prevented.
Who can meet with the risk of lack of B12 vitamins?
itamin B12 deficiency occurs due to nutrition. Therefore; 
• Those who practice continuous diets
• Vegetarian people
• The elderly and those with health problems that prevent the absorption of vitamin B12
One of the risk groups mentioned is that vitamin B12 is not in a sufficient level to be absorbed. The small intestine is the organ of absorption of vitamin B12. The receptors on the cell membrane found in the last part of the small intestine are able to detect vitamin B12 and make it pass to the blood. The inability of the receivers in the small intestine to function properly can be seen as a reason for the lack of B12 vitamins. If the health problem affects these recipients, there is not enough vitamin B 12 absorption; resulting in a deficiency of B12 vitamins.
Foods you can consume to avoid the lack of B12 vitamins
Animal products are rich in vitamin B12. Beef, fish, kidney and liver products such as offal, egg, milk and milk products to consume these vitamins are plenty of food. Apart from consuming the foods that are given against the lack of vitamin B12, there are some other therapeutic methods. B12 vitamin pills for the treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency can be taken or a vitamin B12 injection may be performed.



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