Rhinoplasty (Nose Aesthetic) Surgery

Friday, January 5, 2018 | Healthy lifestyle
Rhinoplasty (Nose Aesthetic) Surgery
Rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics) is a surgery designed to provide the most consistent and beautiful nose to patient’s face. By the operation of rhinoplasty, nose will be aligned to the face shape with corrected imperfections then it affects the person’s life positively. 
Today, the widespread use of social media has increased the interest in the appearance of people. If the photographs show the nose as large, curved or arched appearance in the middle of the face of a person, this causes unhappiness for the person. 
If the patient has a breathing problem, this will be also corrected in same operation in rhinoplasty operations. For this reason, conscious patients apply to ENT(ear,nose,throat) specialist firstly in order to evaluate for nasal obstruction. 
In our hospital, patients who are admitted to our polyclinic with complaints of nasal obstruction or direct nasal aphasia, after the endoscopic examination determines the patient's quality of life and the cause of the obstruction (septum deviation, concha hypertrophy, nasal polyps etc) which adversely affects the entire respiratory system and the surgery to be performed is planned accordingly.
In rhinoplasty surgery, it is usually aimed to remove the arched section of the back of the nose and make a nose that looks natural and beautiful, cohesive with the facial features, smaller, uplifted, thinner and undoubtedly breathing better. Of course, if there are problems such as curvatures, collapses, nose drops caused by traumas or surgeries, rhinoplasty surgery can fix these problems easily.
Rhinoplasty is performed at a later age when the person has completed the development of bone and has reached the stage where he/she can make decisions about himself/herself.
During the examination we performed before the nasal aesthetic surgery, the patient's expectations of the rhinoplasty operation are correctly understood and attention is paid to the patient's expectation in accordance with the shape of the nose. Thus, our patients are more happy to adapt to the new appearance of their nose when they have surgery. For that reason, preoperative evaluation and examination before-after operation photographs of patients who had previously undergone surgery in our clinic so that the patient's frustration after surgery is prevented.
There is no condition for Rhinoplasty operations, it can be done in both summer or winter.
Nasal aesthetic surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and the anesthesiologist carefully examines the preoperative evaluation and necessary examinations of the patients who decide on rhinoplasty.
Nasal aortic surgery takes an average of two to two and a half hours and there is almost no post-operative pain in the patient. Our patients do not need to be frightened by the progress in rhinoplasty operations, anesthesia techniques, high quality surgical materials and with the use of silicon buffers that applied to nose.  
Postoperatively, there is a weekly rest period must be passed. After operation, when our patients come to control for dressing, it is our greatest happiness to share the joy of their attainment of a new nose image. 



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