Silent Enemy! Hypertension

Friday, January 5, 2018 | Healthy lifestyle
Silent Enemy! Hypertension

Hypertension is greater than the normal accepted values of the large and small blood pressure. Values above 140/90 mmHg are considered hypertension. Prevention of hypertension; over time, diseases such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure, renal failure and aneurysms (ballooning). In Turkey, one of every three adults suffers from hypertension is an indication of how important the presence of hypertension cases, about 15 million people.

Hypertension may present with symptoms such as headache, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitations, shortness of breath, rapid fatigue, decreased concentration, nose bleeds, and may cause no signs of symptoms and may occur with organ damage in the late period.

There are two main types of hypertension.

Primer HT (Essential HT): 95% of the patients are in this group, and the population is called genetic HT, this group of patients’s families mostly have HT.

The other group is Secondary HT, which is an HT type that occurs during diseases such as thyroid, kidney tissue and kidney vessel diseases, adrenal disorders and aortic coarctation diseases.

Hypertension is diagnosed at different times when more than one measurement in the resting state exceeds the normally accepted values.

A diagnosis made in the hospital environment can not be diagnosed with only one high-grade HT (white coat hypertension)

In home blood pressure measurements; person should be rested for at least 15 minutes and should be measured in a sitting position, a sleeve suitable for the arm should be used, food should not be eaten immediately before measurement, should not be smoked, measurement should be made from both cords. (if there is a difference between the two arms, the higher side must be taken as the measurement and the subsequent measurements must be made from that side). In suspicious situations or when assessing the effectiveness of a blood pressure medication, it may also be necessary to use devices called blood pressure holters.

hypertension treatment is a whole treatment of drug threapy and prevention. If one of them is missing, it will not get enough results. Approximately half of hypertensive patients in Turkey are aware of their illness and only half of them use medication. The rate of those whose blood pressure is under control in all patients is 27%.

In addition to medication for the control of hypertension, it is essential to change the way of life. It is important as to follow up dietary considerations (DASH diet), salt restriction, nutrition rich in potassium and magnesium, regular exercise and personalized stress coping.


As a result, hypertension is not the disease itself but diseases that are caused by death. For this reason, being aware of the presence of hypertension is the first step. To reduce risk of hypertion is in your hands, you should be examined by a specialist, performed the related investigations and using the recommended drugs regularly.   



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