How Zona Disease Occurs and how treatment is performed

Friday, January 5, 2018 | Healthy lifestyle
How Zona Disease Occurs and how treatment is performed

It is a skin disease caused by the the virus named Varicella Zoster. The virus remains hidden in people who had chickenpox. It can be reactivated by a number of facts and then it causes the disease named Zona.   
The virus comes to the skin through the nerves and forms skin lesions of the disease in a specific and usually limited area. Skin lesions occur most commonly in the form of water bubbles in groups on the red background. The bruises scrape in a few days and usually recovers in 15-20 days. Rarely trace remains. Zona usually causes disease on one side of the body, lesions on the right or on the left, very rarely on both sides. The patients which have chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplantation or organ transplantation; it may be more intense and sometimes it may spread throughout the body.

Factors that trigger the disease are weak immune systems. It can be seen at any age, most commonly affecting the middle and advanced age group. Mostly involved in chest and back areas of the body. It usually recovers in 2 to 4 weeks, but may be longer which patients have weak immune system and elder patients. Especially, to be careful when disease placed in eye and ear. There may be stinging, burning, pain, tenderness in the same area before the lesions come out. This disease can be confused with muscle pain, kidney pain, appendicitis, urinary system infections and many other painful diseases but diagnosed until skin rash begins. It can also be seen in children. The children which have normal immune system, the disease is mild, often no pain seen, complaints are itching and feel of burning. Only use cream localized area or water solutions are sufficient for treatment.
Zona may repeat but the probability of recurrence is low. The risk of recurrence is high when the immune system is weak.
Zona which seen during pregnancy does not a risk for baby.  

Zona is not infected from one person to another but only in close contact, those who have not passed zona before, at that time Zona transmitted to chickenpox. Antiviral drugs, painkillers, dressings and creams are used in treatment. The use of antiviral drugs within the first 72 hours is important. In some cases, especially people who have weak immune systems, postherpetic neuralgia may develop, pain may seen in effected area and sensitivity in area may last for months, in these cases different treatments can be applied.
In severe pain, patient may followed up at the same time with algology. 





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